Let Go and Trust After You Try Your Hardest

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Once you’ve done all you can, let your desire go and trust. You’ll be amazed by what happens next.

Awoke this morning about 645 and felt so grateful for the cool air coming through the windows. Still in bed, looking out my window at that half-light of night’s dark and morning’s light; I heard an owl hoot. Since spying that Great Horned Owl, mentioned in my post a few weeks back, I had researched hoots, and knew immediately it was my GHO again.

I made coffee and sat on my patio and at regular intervals in the growing light, GHO would hoot. As I prepped for the day, making a list of what needs to be done, he (or she) kept hooting. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer and rushed some appropriate clothes on, grabbed my binocs and headed outside. It was only when I went down five flights of stairs that I realized I had my shirt on backwards. Oh, well, GHO wouldn’t mind and neighbors? eh, schmeighbors.

I walked along the nearby paths where many grand oaks live, and looked and searched in vain, even though GHO was still giving me clues with his now less frequent hooting. Just as I was about to give up, GHO hooted again and I realized which tree he must be in. I went under that tree and sat, searching up and down limbs, examining every area of the tree, saying, “Oh, GHO, please let me catch a glimpse of you!” No more hooting. And no sighting.

So, I gave up. Let it go. Stopped looking up into the tree. Just enjoyed being outside in the relatively quiet morning. Some fisherman murmuring to each other nearby; the splash of a pelican; an anhinga drying its wings on a half-submerged dock post. The pretty water beginning to shimmer in the growing light.

And, as so often happens when you let things go — when you’ve done everything you could to position yourself, search for, work toward, plead for, envision and dream for, the thing you desire — when you let it go, amazingly, it usually comes to you. I know it’s a cliche, but it happens with such regularity in my life, that I know the axiom is true: When you’ve exhausted every effort, then let it go and just trust.

Trust without judgment about why you didn’t get what you wanted immediately. Let it go without concern about if or when your desire will be filled. Without resentment or whining.

Not even feeling disappointed, I prepared to walk back to my apartment. I got up from the ground, put my binocs around my neck, and looked reflexively back up to the tree — not with an intention to look, just a reflex really — and, of course, then effortlessly, instantly, my eyes landed upon the Great Horned Owl. He’d been there the whole time. Right there. Yet I hadn’t seen him until I stopped trying so hard.

I sat back down and said, “Wow. Thank you for letting me see you!” I watched him for awhile. He’s massive — thick, broad-chested, gorgeous coloring, those sweet tufts on top of his round head. And then, at the bottom, just the tiniest feet you’ve ever seen. How they hold up his massive body, and cling so securely to the tree is beyond me. They were very small claws!

Anyway, feeling so fortunate to have heard him calling and to have been able to see him. And, grateful for this simple reminder of how to live: do all you can to achieve your most soul-driven desires … and once you’ve done all you can … just let your desire go.

As the GHO taught me this morning: Stop looking so hard …and you will easily see.