What a Great Horned Owl Can Teach Us

MC Coolidge Uncategorized

Lessons learned from a Great Horned Owl.

Today I felt discouraged about life — not a typical emotion for me. Usually pretty upbeat, but today I felt off all day. Sad, to be honest. I came home at dusk, parked my car in my spot, and feeling a bit dejected, walked toward my building.

Then I spied what I think was a Great Horned Owl on the top of my building.

In a micro-second, my mood went from deflated into full-on joy mode. And now, at least an hour later, I am still inspired by all that I saw:

The nobility, the hunter instinct (his head was swiveling left and right trying to spot prey), the confidence of perching in the growing dark atop a high building, the innate character and unquestioning self-respect it takes to get out there night after night, without self-pity, to not just feed the belly, but to be, simply be, what one is meant to be — in this case an infinitely cool master of his owl-y domain.

Seinfeld references aside, what a crucial lesson: to know our domain — and to master it. To be who and what we are, without explanation, without apology.

My heart is right side up again.

I want to thank you, oh, Great Horned Owl for opening my eyes tonight and inspiring me with your example of how to be in the world.