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I’ve rarely felt “called” in my life to DO something. I’ve felt myself pulled toward certain places frequently, and have certainly felt enormously drawn to writing. But never a particular “calling” to take a certain action in a specific way at a certain time.

But over the past few days I’ve felt a “calling” — a thought that persistently comes to mind, even though I’ve tried to talk myself out of it a couple of times.

The thought I keep experiencing is that I should give away some coaching. That there is somebody (or somebodies) “out there” who need or want or could somehow benefit from some coaching with me. I’ve resisted the thought for a few days now — for a variety of reasons. But today, just now, I’ve decided I’m just going to go with it and let this “calling” unfold and do its magic, if there’s magic to be done. And, who knows? Maybe the magic is only in the giving of the opportunity — even if no one takes me up on it!

So — I’m offering two hours of free coaching — around any topic/issue/business situation/personal challenge/goal/fear — to four people. Have a gnarly (or not so gnarly) business problem you need help with? Want to find meaning in a particular dream you’ve had? (I love dream analysis!) Experiencing a relationship snaggle that needs some unraveling? Trying to get unstuck around an issue? Want to brainstorm or strategize on next steps toward your goals? Or just want to talk your thoughts and ideas out loud to a neutral listener?

Feel free to ask for free coaching! I’ll give the free coaching to the first four people who call me, text me, send me a message on Facebook, or send me an email to me, before the end of the day today (the date of this post).

Just a few caveats:
I’d imagine the coaching would be done over the phone, at a mutually agreeable time, and with just a few ground rules. In some cases, maybe we’ll decided to meet up locally.

If we work together, you’ll have two hours of free coaching with me. We can do one session or two.

Note: in some rare cases, my coaching experience or approach isn’t a good fit with some clients or around some specific issues. If I feel that’s the case with someone who reaches out on this offer, though we may not work together in this freebie/give-away, I’ve got plenty of good books I can suggest!

Another note: I value privacy and confidentiality as a life coach. If you reach out to me, I won’t share your name or our discussions with anyone. However, if you leave a comment for me on any public platform (i.e., on this website or on Facebook), please understand that other people are reading those public platforms.