Why Am I a Life Coach?

Life coaching rocks my world!

By becoming a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, I’m able to broaden and deepen the ways I can help people get the results they’re seeking in life, business, and relationships.

Most people know me as either a PR consultant or as a writer. I’m still both! I’m an active public relations and communications consultant, with clients in Sarasota, Phoenix, Boston, Washington, D.C., and New York City. And, I’m still writing every chance I get. Those things won’t change. But now I have another, very meaningful, way to contribute.

I was attracted to becoming a certified life coach and to coaching others, because I’ve experienced first-hand the transformative effect of working with a professional life coach in my own life. About 10 years ago, right after my divorce, I hired a life coach to help me pursue my life-long dream of earning a living as a writer. We worked together for six months, and within a year and a half, I had quit my life in the corporate world, launched my own business as a communications consultant, and been hired as a weekly newspaper columnist.

florida this weekThe trajectory of my life completely changed after working with a life coach — leading to awards, speaking events, and television appearances — but most importantly, to waking up every day and spending time doing things I loved doing.

I connected with a second life coach about two years ago when I wanted to really examine my public relations business and develop strategies to take it to a higher level. After working with this coach, my business grew, my skills and services for clients expanded, my income increased by 40%, but most importantly, it all emanated from a deepened confidence in myself. My work days have become less stressful and my work-life balance has been significantly enhanced.

What I learned from both of my experiences being coached was simple but profound: the roadblock to experiencing the life I desperately desired wasn’t living in an area where wages are lower than the national average; it wasn’t a boss, a boyfriend, an ill-timed thundershower, or even my unwavering penchant for chocolate. The only thing getting in my own way was me. Through coaching, I learned how to challenge my closest-held assumptions and limiting beliefs about myself, how to take responsibility for change, and how to take one small step every day to creating the life, work, and relationships I wanted to have.

My experiences with life coaching proved so liberating, so life-changing, and yes, so fun, that I knew that this was an experience I wanted to be able to give others. Now that I’m a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, I’m thrilled to be able to help others take the extraordinary journey and reap the many rewards offered by the coaching experience.

Interested in seeing what life coaching can do for you? Give me an e-jingle and let’s talk.  mc@mccoolidge.com

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