How I Help Clients: Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Certified-smHow the heck is a life coach going to help me?

Glad you asked. As a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, I provide a completely confidential, safe and nonjudgmental environment for my clients to feel comfortable exploring long-held dreams or yearnings they may never have told anyone, expressing fears and frustration with things that could be working better, or examining grievances and resentments that are keeping relationships less than ideal.

In our work together, I use a variety of illuminating, and often quite fun tools to guide you through the process of uncovering the obstacles that are blocking your success or satisfaction. We develop strategies for shifting perspective, creating balance, expanding awareness around distracting thoughts and unproductive behaviors, and taking incremental steps toward change where desired.

Some background about my training and approach to life coaching.

I am a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, having completed a 10-month, in-depth training program, which required the completion of 75 hours of real-world coaching, and culminated in a thorough written and oral review process. Beck is the author of several best-selling books, has a monthly column in Oprah magazine, holds three degrees from Harvard, coaches top executives from companies like G.E.*, and is generally considered one of the preeminent life coaches in the world.

In late 2014, I also completed a second coaching certification program — a small-group, nine-month “intensive” taught by former attorney and highly-regarded certified master life coach Terry DeMeo, based in Coconut Grove, Florida.

As much as I learned through my training, however, I also draw on the wisdom and teachings of everyone from Einstein, Henry David Thoreau, Shakespeare, the poet Mary Oliver — even that “Prince” of a rascal, Machiavelli — to a professor I had in college and to my own lifetime of varied — lots of good and lots of challenging — experiences. In addition to my training as a coach, my complementary career experience as a newspaper columnist, author, editor, and public relations and communications consultant, dovetails effectively and intuitively in helping people achieve their personal and professional goals.

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*source: The New York Times