Building Trust and Respect in a Relationship

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How do you build a relationship with a wild horse? The same way we build trust and respect in relationships. No ropes. Free will.

It works every time — with horses, with cats, with romantic relationships, and with friendship and business relationships.

I’m not talking about “open” romantic relationships; I’m not talking about letting people (or animals) walk all over you.

I’m simply saying that if you have a relationship — any kind at all — with a mother, a brother, a next-door-neighbor, a client, a coworker, a lover, a spouse, an employee: reciprocal trust and respect are never established by the exertion of will over another. Trust and respect can only be developed in a context of clear boundaries, consistent adherence to one’s own values, and a complete willingness to let go of the desire to control another. (It’s impossible anyway, so why waste your energy trying?)

This video illustrates the flow, the give and take, the grace, the boundaries, and the willingness to accommodate the process (very important) of building trust and respect: Mustang Maddy

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Well, it took a lot of time and effort but the outcome was incredible! ❤Credit to Mustang Maddy

Posted by Horse Spirit on Sunday, October 22, 2017