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Whenever we’re not truly passionate about what we’re doing in any area of our lives, we tend to feel “old” — drained, stressed, bored — even if we’re only 20 or 30. Living bold is the number one antidote to feeling old — that’s why I chose the website url “” to represent the life coaching I do. Living a bolder life now is about challenging yourself to take the incremental next step — a “turtle step” — toward creating a life you can be in love with. And with taking just that initial first step, you’ll be amazed at how good it feels, and how each progressive step gets easier, more fun, and the results get better and better.

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Bolder Life


      • willing to let go of what’s not working
      • knowing you’re okay no matter what
      • exploring what’s true and what’s possible
      • trusting yourself and your instincts
      • feeling confident in choices, decisions and actions
      • being daring and compassionate
      • living life – even the challenges – as an adventure

Ready to go for the bold? 

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